Filter Fans Stainless Steel Prius IP54-55


Built-in filter fan, high performance, low power and soundless, with a slim design (only 4mm) and an affordable price.

Filter Fans Stainless Steel Prius IP54-55 · Delvalle BoxDelvalle Box
Filter Fans Stainless Steel Prius IP54-55 · Delvalle BoxDelvalle Box
Filter Fans Stainless Steel Prius IP54-55 · Delvalle BoxDelvalle Box
Filter Fans Stainless Steel Prius IP54-55 · Delvalle BoxDelvalle Box

This product has the following certificates

  • Logo IP54 · Delvalle Box
  • Logo IP55 · Delvalle Box


Built-in filter fan, high performance, low power, and soundless, with a slim design, only 4 mm, and an affordable price. These fans are ideal for the removal of large heat loads inside the cabinets economically and easible. Its compact design, easy mounting and dismounting for quick cleaning make it ideal for use in any heat dissipation inside the enclosure. Quick assembly thanks to “Clip-on” feature with self-adhesive gasket.

All fan models can be supplied in stainless steel (see references). For this option, 2mm must be added to A and B dimensions. Made of ABS with stainless steel casing and slim design, very functional and innovative. Specially designed to place in our stainless steel cabinets and outdoor cabinets.

Discover the advantages

Working life +50.000 hours at 40ºC.
ECOfriendly: low consumption, high. efficiency and very silent.
Fast “Clip-on” mounting.
Self-adhesive gasket.
“Inside-out” air flow direction.
Ball bearing.
Maximum reliability and efficiency.
Panels with thickness in range 1,2 - 2,4 mm.
Operating temperature between -10ºC and +70ºC.
Duty cycle 100%.
The fan is supplied with a filter designed for easy cleaning and high resistance.


• IP54/Class I Norm IEC 60529.
Built under directive 2014/35/UE low voltage.
• Operating temperature -10°C +70°C.
• Filter mat (Eurovent) EU2 and EU3 (depending on model).
• Material ABS UL94V-O. Colour Ral 7035.
Working life +50.000 hours at 40ºC.


Specially designed for use in installations that need a high level of protection IP54/55.

Custom Made Solutions
We offer multiple solutions

Filter Fans Stainless Steel Prius IP54-55 · Delvalle Box
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2020 product catalogues

• We recommend our thermostats to be installed (*).
EMC Electromagnetic Compatible Version.
• IP55 with special filtering with casing Ral 7035.
• “Outside-in” flow direction.
• UL approved (Underwriters laboratories) File n. E301228.
• Ral 7032 (grey) and Ral 9005 (black).

Filter Fans Stainless Steel Prius IP54-55 · Delvalle Box
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