Junction Box Geo Fresh IP66


Geo Series push-button and junction boxes, elegant watertight boxes made wholly in finely polished AISI304L EN-14306 stainless steel available in plain or bored covers (22.5).

Specially designed for placing push-buttons in food procesing industry.

Junction Box Geo Fresh IP66 · Delvalle BoxDelvalle Box
Junction Box Geo Fresh IP66 · Delvalle BoxDelvalle Box


Geo Series push-button and junction boxes, elegant watertight boxes made wholly in finely polished AISI 304L EN-14306 stainless steel available in plain or bored covers (22.5).
Specially designed for placing push-buttons.

Achieve all the safety and security you need

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Discover the advantages

Unlimited options.
Supplied with protective film which prevents scratches and abrasions during handling.
The manufacture of the stainless steel monobloc allows sealing and ensures maximum resistance.
Water channel to prevent liquids coming into contact with the polyurethane seal and hidden hinges giving perfect sealing.
Delvalle supplies any measurements required including custom built holes and cut outs both for the door and enclosure.
Temperature resistant: -40°C +100°C (short time +160°C).
Option silicone gasket: from -60°C to +180°C (short time up to +350°C).
Up to IP67or IP69K.


  • IP66 Norm IEC 60529 (IP67 on request).
  • DIN 40050-9 - IP69K extend IEC 60529. 
  • DIN EN ISO 14159 Machine safety – hygiene requirements pertaining to the design of machinery.
  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Food machinery and cosmetic or pharmaceutic production.
  • EHEDG Guideline Hygienic Design doc.13 machinery for open processes.
  • DIN EN 1672-2-2005 for food industry machinery.
  • Maximum IK10 resistance Norm         IEC 62262.
  • Manufactured following EU low voltage ruling 2006/95/CE.
  • RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC compliant.
  • UL approval Nema 4x, 12, 3r, 1. Nº File E342220.
  • Maximum voltage 1000 V.
  • Temperature resistant: -40°C +100°C (short time +160°C).
  • Option silicone gasket: from -60°C to +180°C (short time up to +350°C).


Especially designed and officially approved for food, chemical, pharmaceutical, transformer and telecommunication industries for use both inside and outside, due to the advantages of high resistance to chemical agents and durability.

Custom Made Solutions
We offer multiple solutions

Junction Box Geo Fresh IP66 · Delvalle Box
Do you need solutions?
2019 product catalogues
  • Custom made based on your needs.
  • IP67 or IP69K according IEC EN 62208 and EN 60529.
  • Manufactured in stainless steel AISI 316L EN 14404.
  • Metal legs.
  • Unloosable screws.
  • Finished in textured paint RAL on request.
  • Mounting plate insulator (bakelite) or painted steel.
  • EMC version according to EEC 89/336 of electromagnetic compatibility.
  • We have hygienic glands on request.
  • Option painted galvanized steel finish in RAL 7035 or another color.
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Junction Box Geo Fresh IP66 · Delvalle Box


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MVCJB909080Geo fresh IP66. Blind cover909080MVCJB909080
MVCBJ149080Geo fresh IP66. Blind cover909080MVCBJ149080
MVCBJ209080Geo fresh IP66. Blind cover2009080MVCBJ209080
MVCBJ269012Geo fresh IP66. Blind cover26090120MVCBJ269012
MVCBJ101612Geo fresh IP66. Blind cover100160120MVCBJ101612
MVCBJ161612Geo fresh IP66. Blind cover160160120MVCBJ161612
MVCBJ202012Geo fresh IP66. Blind cover200200120MVCBJ202012
MVCBJ202515Geo fresh IP66. Blind cover200250150MVCBJ202515
MVCBJ252515Geo fresh IP66. Blind cover250250150MVCBJ252515
MVCBJ203015Geo fresh IP66. Blind cover200300150MVCBJ203015
MVCBJ303015Geo fresh IP66. Blind cover300300150MVCBJ303015
MVCBJ304015Geo fresh IP66. Blind cover300400150MVCBJ304015
MVCBJ404015Geo fresh IP66. Blind cover400400150MVCBJ404015
MVCBJ909080PGeo fresh IP66. Perforated lid909080MVCBJ909080P
MVCBJ149080PGeo fresh IP66. Perforated lid1409080MVCBJ149080P
MVCBJ209080PGeo fresh IP66. Perforated lid2009080MVCBJ209080P
MVCBJ269012PGeo fresh IP66. Perforated lid26090120MVCBJ269012P
MVCBJ101612PGeo fresh IP66. Perforated lid100160120MVCBJ101612P
MVCBJ161612PGeo fresh IP66. Perforated lid160160120MVCBJ161612P
MVCBJ202012PGeo fresh IP66. Perforated lid200200120MVCBJ202012P
MVCBJ202515PGeo fresh IP66. Perforated lid200250150MVCBJ202515P
MVCBJ252515PGeo fresh IP66. Perforated lid250250150MVCBJ252515P
MVCBJ203015PGeo fresh IP66. Perforated lid200300150MVCBJ203015P
MVCBJ303015PGeo fresh IP66. Perforated lid300300150MVCBJ303015P
MVCBJ304015PGeo fresh IP66. Perforated lid300400150MVCBJ304015P
MVCBJ404015PGeo fresh IP66. Perforated lid400400150MVCBJ404015P
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