Boitier Externe Outdoor WIFI - Refroidissement + Chauffage IP55


Boîtier externe étanche pour HotSpot WIFI vous permet de construire votre Hotspot outdoor (point d'accès extérieur) en installant votre point d'accès préféré dans ce boîtier d'extérieur à l'épreuve de l'eau. 

Boitier Externe Outdoor WIFI - Refroidissement + Chauffage IP55 · Delvalle Box
Boitier Externe Outdoor WIFI - Refroidissement + Chauffage IP55 · Delvalle Box
Boitier Externe Outdoor WIFI - Refroidissement + Chauffage IP55 · Delvalle Box


The harsh access point Wireless outdoor enclosures is designed to permit convenient and secure mounting of the Wi-Fi access point in difficult or outdoor and rugged environments, equipment providers (Cisco, Aeroscout, Motorola, Aruba and others).
The body is composed of a compact Delvalle Geo Series enclosure. This box, made from AISI304L or AISI316L, are NEMA 4x compliant for water, dust and corrosion resistance (IK10).
Some of these stainless steel enclosures include a universal mounting plate for access points from many vendors, “keyed alike” locks, and egress points for bulkhead mounted antennas and conduit. 
This model is available with heat and cooling (IP55) options and offers an ideal working temperature range as well as a perfect low temperature operation, reaching locations as ski stations where low temperatures are a daily fact.
The model heat & cold solution includes an grill equipped with an IP55 protector at the right underside. Meanwhile, at the left topside, the body mounts a Prius MVP024 fan made from AISI304L stainless steel. This fan is noiseless, with high efficiency and low consumption. It is also equipped with an IP55 protector. These fans, with a 24 m^3⁄h air flow, are an ideal solution for heat dissipation inside the enclosure. The system also mounts a 50W heater to guarantee the correct functioning with low temperatures and avoid the condensation of water and corrosion. 
The inside of the enclosure (MVKTMM1142) is acclimatized to be used at low temperatures by a Dual Thermostat which regulates the temperature sending a signal to the fan or the heater. That is the way to avoid the condensation inside the enclosure and assure a temperature between the recommended ranges. 

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Découvrez les avantages

Adding access points that are installed inside an existing WLAN base guarantee the interoperability with other devices and reduce the time in bringing them to the network.
The cost per unit of an indoor access point and its interior protection system is less than the price of an outdoor access point of the manufacturer. This represents a significant saving in a planning of a large WLAN area with multiple units.
The protection outdoor system offers a simple solution that is completely powered by a power source that can also be used in situations where there is no AC.
Protection enclosures hide the operation lights and provide protection against theft or handling situations.


  • Enclosure properties:
    • IP66 Norm IEC 60529 (IP67 on request). 
    • Maximum IK10 resistance Norm     IEC 62262. 
    • Manufactured following EU low voltage ruling 2006/95/CE 
    • UL approval Nema 4x, 12, 3r, 1.         Nº File E342220 
    • RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC compliant. 
    • Maximum voltage 1000 V 
    • Temperature resistant: -20°C +80°C 
  • Enclosure heat & cold solution properties:
    • IP55/Class I Norm IEC 60529. 
    • Built under directive 2006/95/CE low voltage. 
    • Operating temperature -10°C +70°C. 
    • Filter mat (Eurovent) EU2 and EU3 (depending on model). 
    • Material ABS UL94V-O RAL 7035. 
    • Life time +50.000 hours at 40ºC.



  • University campus
  • Governmental Installations
  • Urban centres (towns, cities…)
  • Industrial work zones, warehouses or distribution centres.
  • Hotel Industry as hotels and cruises.
  • Any other applications near to the use of access points in outdoors.
  • Shopping Centres
  • Means of transportation as trains, trucks, ships or buses
  • Surroundings with low temperatures as cottages, mountain accommodation or ski stations.

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Boitier Externe Outdoor WIFI - Refroidissement + Chauffage IP55 · Delvalle Box
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We recommend of thermostats.
Version EMC.
Version IP55 heat & cold solution.
Flow direction “outside-in”.
UL approved.
RAL 7032 (grey) and RAL 9005 (black).
Version stainless steel AISI 304L.

Boitier Externe Outdoor WIFI - Refroidissement + Chauffage IP55 · Delvalle Box


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