Isolation Thermique et Électrique TermoTisa pour Armoire Électriques

En Delvalle nous connaissons les préoccupations de nos clients et éviter la surchauffe sur les armoires est l’un d’eux, occasionné pour des sources externes, telles que le soleil et les lieux de chaleur extrême

Traitement thérmique anti-radiation solaire “SunTerm”

SunTerm treatment coating for use in outdoor electrical enclosures, contain a reflective component that deflects the infrared light, and thus the half of the sun’s total energy, from any substrate that it coats. As

Delvalle armoires pour salles blanches

Une salle blanche (ou plus exactement salle propre selon la norme ISO 14644-1) est une pièce ou une série de pièces où la concentration particulaire est maîtrisée afin de minimiser l’introduction, la génération, la

Sacyr successfully concludes the expansion of the Panama Canal

The consortium led by Sacyr has built the Third Set of Locks: two new complexes of three-step locks including three basins for the reuse of water per chamber, with one set on the Pacific

IP and NEMA standards

IP and NEMA standards. The NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) and IP (Ingress Protection) rating systems are used to describe the degree to which a product is protected from water or dust, among other

Resistance Heaters UL for electrical enclosures

Resistance Heaters UL for electrical enclosures Temperature variations inside control cabinets and housings, especially when installed outside, lead to condensation of water and consequently to malfunction and corrosion. Through the use of enclosure heaters,

Enclosure of Stainless Steel Hygienic for the food industry

Delvalle is proud to present the new enclosure of stainless Steel Hygienic series for food industry, this series is the result of a lot of effort, research and work of our technicians, for this

Presse-étoupes Delvalle: Solutions contre l’eau de condensaction

 Presse-étoupes Delvalle: pression, température et humidité de l’air sont dans un état constant de problèmes de changement causant souvent à des appareils électriques. Constamment, boîtiers électroniques, capteurs et autres dispositifs sont affectés pannes causées

NEMA 4X extreme weather rated stainless steel enclosure

When it comes to protecting against wind, rain, sleet, snow, hail, salt water, and corrosion it’s all in the steel used in the enclosure – 316 stainless steel in this case. Stainless steel is

Expoquimia, ATEX conference

The aim of the conference is to clarify when a product can be labelled ATEX and to explain what this name implies, as well as to convey to users the fundamental aspects of safety, such as