Delvalle Global Solutions S.L.U. and on its behalf the Direction, assumes and is committed to continuous improvement of its processes, not only in order to promote the safety and the health of its employees, respecting the environment, looking for its customer satisfaction and also establishing an ethical conduct code by which through five pillars we will achieve a benchmark company in our field.

This goal is based on the following general principles and commitments described below:

  • Establish annual targets based on these general principles.
  • Comply with legal requirements to apply in environmental issues, risk and products prevention laws and voluntary requirements that the organization subscribes, including the guidelines set by the Directive 2014/34/UE
  • To give full satisfaction to our customers, by meeting the requirements associated with their products, reporting to the organization the importance of meeting those requirements.
  • Establish communication channels and information with our customers, suppliers, public administration, and the whole public in general in relation to our activities and their potential impact.
  • To improve our environmental practices, prevent pollution and reduce environmental impacts generated by the use and handling of chemicals and hazardous substances,  and by the consumption of water and energy, enhancing the waste minimization.
  • Prevent and avoid personal injuries, accidents and incidents, and facilitate the industrial hygiene. Promote the occupational health of workers and protect our property and facilities against damages, all aimed at the ultimate goal: "Accident - Incident 0".
  • Educate and properly inform our staff on the aspects of prevention of occupational hazards, environmental and quality aspects
  • Allocate the necessary resources, human and material, to ensure a proper implementation and development of the defined system
  • Check the defined system for the achieving of these purposes and values yearly.
  • Faithfully comply with our conduct code which will be taken as a fundamental part of the company.

    This policy is public and it is available to everybody who requests it.

    The Director

    Oyón, 11 december 2017

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