We make all kinds of enclosures for installation in the pharmaceutical sectors. Enclosures and cases for installation in medical and pharmacy machinery, white rooms

PRODUCTS FOR Pharmaceutical and Medical

The NN CMC Warp Speed Project by Novo Nordisk · Delvalle Box
In Denmark, Delvalle has collaborated on the NN CMC Warp Speed project of the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, focused on...
Innovation in the Novo Nordisk Project · Delvalle Box
The Novo Nordisk project in Denmark implements a real-time modeling system (RTMS). To ensure maximum efficiency and safety in...
Electric Power for Outdoor Field Hospitals · Delvalle Box
Field hospitals are defined as a mobile, self-contained and self-sufficient health care facility that must be capable of being...
Hyperimmune Plasma in Patients with COVID-19 · Delvalle Box
United States
Delvalle has supplied stainless steel junction boxes for pharmaceutical industry in the development of specific immunoglobulins...