Outdoor Telecom 19 Storm · Delvalle Box
Outdoor telecom 19" rack cabinet Storm Series IP66 enclosure, designed to be placed in outdoor areas, protecting the rack...
Sun Shield Enclosures Desert IP66 · Delvalle Box
Sun Shield Enclosures IP66 provides protection for single or multiple instruments, preventing Electrical & electronics devices,due...
Outdoor Double Wall Rack IP66 · Delvalle Box
Outdoor Rack enclosure & Cabinet with or without 19” or 21” rack system,...
Public Lighting Switchboards Tropico · Delvalle Box
Public lighting switchboards made of stainless steel AISI 304L, optional painted. Robust, developed and designer for placement in...
Outdoor Tornado EMC Series IP55 Rack · Delvalle BoxDelvalle Box
EMC enclosures with an EPDM conductive gasket between frame and contact surface, ensure a perfect electrical connection and...
Outdoor Enclosures Tropico IP66 · Delvalle Box
The Tropico Series enclosure for outdoor and street lighting made of stainless AISI 304L or galvanized and painted steel.
Painted steel enclosures · Delvalle Box
At Delvalle we make available all possible options for its facilities in the open. For these environments, stainless steel is...
Galvanized Outdoor Cabinet Tropico · Delvalle Box
The Tropico Series enclosure for outdoor and street lighting made of galvanized and painted steel.
Galvanized Steel Outdoor Rack With Double Wall Tornado · Delvalle Box
TORNADO Series specially designed for outdoor weather system: heat insulated double wall, autoventilated for better protection...
Rack Galvanized Steel Outdoor 19 · Delvalle Box
The Storm Series is designed for installation in urban and inter-urban areas, protecting the electronic equipment required for...
Anti-poster Outdoor enclosure IP66 · Delvalle BoxDelvalle Box
Outdoor cabinet antiposter, specially designed for public lighting, urban furniture, city hall, shopping centers, buildings...
Roofs for Outdoor · Delvalle BoxDelvalle Box
In Delvalle we offer the possibility to ask for self-ventilated roofs....
Thermal Insulation Enclosures TermoTisa · Delvalle BoxDelvalle Box
The thermal insulation Termotisa is ideal when it is necessary thermal insulate in the electrical cabinet because of...
Ventilation Brackets · Delvalle BoxDelvalle Box
Placed both in the front enclosure and on the side, allowing a perfect flow of air inside.
Enclosures De-humidifier · Delvalle BoxDelvalle Box
The De-humidifier Delvalle is a special form of switch cabinet cooling technology....
Sun Reflective Treatment Coating “SunTerm” for Outdoor Electrical Enclosures · Delvalle BoxDelvalle Box
SunTerm is a treatment coating for use in outdoor electrical enclosures, contain a reflective component that deflects the infrared...
Outdoor air cooling enclosures for door, Tropic Series · Delvalle Box
These Outdoor air cooling enclosures require almost no maintenance and are designed to prevent clogging by solid contaminants...
Enclosures ISO12944-5 Corrosion Resistant · Delvalle Box
ISO 12944 Corrosión protection electrical enclosures. In our catalog you can find all kinds certified enclosures C1, C2, C3,...
Stainless Steel Thermoelectric Cooler IP67 · Delvalle BoxDelvalle Box
The high performance Delvalle stainless steel IP67 thermoelectric cooler can be supplied in various types, from 30W to 300W, with...
Stainless Steel Thermoelectric Cooler Cooling + Heating IP67 · Delvalle BoxDelvalle Box
The DelValle stainless steel thermoelectric cooler cooling + heating can be supplied in various types, from 30W to 300W, with a...
Outdoor air conditioner Electrical Enclosures · Delvalle Box
The largest range of IP54 air conditioners electrical enclosures refrigerators in the market,...


Outdoor enclosures range satisfies the toughest demands in Rail & Roadways Traffic Applications, Telecommunication Systems and Internet Appliances.

Outdoor electrical enclosures installations are subject to many challenges:


  • Rain, sun, dust, heat, cold, humidity, solar radiation
  • Human interaction
  • Safety, vandalism, burglary, intrusion, noise
  • Installation constraints
  • Long service life, energy efficiency, thermal management
  • Optimized, outdoor heavy duty enclosures offer protection, durability and ease-of-installation

Much more than a high IP rating is needed to solve all major outdoor enclosures issues. To provide efficient and effective long-term protection, our enclosures are fully optimized with:

  • Support for key outdoor standards and certifications
  • Up to IK 10 resistance
  • Up to IP 66 level of protection
  • Tropic outdoor thermal management systems to help to ensure optimal internal temperature and humidity balance
  • Heavy duty stainless steel and heavy duty aluminium sheets in standard and custom sizes.
  • Dedicated accessories engineered for real outdoor conditions
  • Innovative, space-saving ventilation architectures
  • Complete technical tools to speed design and installation
  • Support for quick problem resolution

Delvalle outdoor enclosures and climate control components will withstand even the toughest wind and weather conditions. From basic requirements such as humidity, temperature fluctuations and sunlight, to extreme conditions such as seawater resistance or earthquake resistance, through to protection against vandalism, Delvalle has the answer. In this way, we ensure that there are no limits to our customers’ applications. Custom outdoor enclosures and outdoor rack cabinets, we manufacture rack system enclosures for road, road traffic, security, movile telecom,etc. Outdoor enclosures, outdoor rack enclosures, lighting outdoor enclosures and electronic outdoor enclosures.

New Metro Line in Guadalajara (Mexico) · Delvalle Box
The construction of line 3 of Guadalajara subway (Mexico) has began. This is one of the most...
New port of Doha · Delvalle Box
Delvalle are suppliers to the firms making this new port on Doha, capital of Qatar....
Autopista C-16 · Delvalle Box
At Delvalle we are suppliers of outdoor electrical cabinets for protecting the C-16 data...
We are the supplier of the electrical cabinets for the high speed rail line between Monforte and...
We supply stainless steel enclosures hygienic design series this factory, one of the highest north...
Wikinger, The largest Deep sea offshore windfarm · Delvalle Box
At Delvalle we have customized a solution to guarantee the sealing and maximum resistance in such a...
Nuclear Power Stations · Delvalle Box
Delvalle is very conscious to any possible risks that may have nuclear power.
A special and different port. Commercial, citizen, energy and logistical use.
Oran Tamway (Algeria) · Delvalle Box
We supplied cabinets meeting the demanding French specifications....
Ferrovial tunnel under the Marmara Sea · Delvalle Box
Delvalle built custom cabinets that passed an electromagnetic tests.
AVE Madrid-Valencia · Delvalle Box
Electrical cabinets for transmission of a multitude of data to the main data centre.
The Panama Channel Expansion Project · Delvalle Box
Manufacture and installation of watertight and hurricanes resistant IP67 nema 4x enclosures....
Kuwait desalination plant · Delvalle Box
Special cabinets to support the special characteristics of this harsh desert area.