Stainless Steel Wall Enclosure IP66 · Delvalle Box
Electrical enclosures Luxor series with improved design and materials used, robust, easy to open, smoothly turning and opening,...
Stainless steel free-standing enclosure IP65-66 TRIBECA · Delvalle Box
Tribeca compact cabinet series with improved design, robust, easy opening by rotating handle and four point lock, easy placement...
Modular stainless steel enclosure IP55-66 TITAN · Delvalle Box
Modular stainless steel enclosure Titan series, stylish and corrosion resistant, completely adaptable, flexible, for food,...
Nema Enclosures with Disconnect Switches · Delvalle BoxDelvalle Box
Installed on Nema 1, 3r, 4x, 12 enclosures, disconnect switches can be used at both indoor and outdoor applications. Together with...
Stainless Steel Terminal Push Button Boxes GEO IP66 · Delvalle Box
Geo series push-button and junction boxes, elegant watertight boxes made wholly in finely polished AISI 304L EN-14306 stainless...
Panoramic Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Enclosure IP66 Tedeo Series · Delvalle Box
Delvalle knows the needs of our customers and for this we’ve created the panoramic wall mounted completely Tedeo Series...
Electrical enclosures for renewable energies IP66 Sunbox · Delvalle Box
Electrical enclosures for renewable energies Sunbox manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304L.
Stainless Steel Seismic Electrical Enclosure IP66 · Delvalle Box
Seismic enclosure, earthquake resistant, single or double door, manufactured in stainless steel, AISI 304L En 1.4306, or AISI...
Stainless steel wall enclosure IP66 Hygienic Design · Delvalle BoxDelvalle Box
Electrical HYGIENIC design enclosure Series LUXOR, specially designed for the food industry....
Stainless Steel Enclosure IP66 Hygienic Design · Delvalle BoxDelvalle Box
Electrical hygienic design enclosure Tribeca Series with a large capacity, specially designed for the food industry. No...
Anti- Dust System for Electrical Enclosures Dusty · Delvalle Box
The Dusty pressurization Series is designed for environments full of dirt, airborne dust, and for installation in corrosive...
Aluminium Wall Enclosure IP66 Luxor · Delvalle Box
LUXOR Aluminium electrical monobloc enclosure series, with one or two doors, made of aluminium and finished in textured paint RAL...
Aluminium free-standing enclosure TRIBECA IP65-66 · Delvalle Box
TRIBECA compact electric cabinet series with improved design, robust, easy to open by rotating handle with four locking points,...
Push-button and junction aluminium boxes IP66 GEO · Delvalle Box
Waterproof IP66 resistant, elegant and functional junction boxes GEO series, manufactured in aluminum and finished in RAL...
Stainless Steel Thermoelectric Cooler IP67 · Delvalle BoxDelvalle Box
The high performance Delvalle stainless steel IP67 thermoelectric cooler can be supplied in various types, from 30W to 300W, with...
Stainless Steel Thermoelectric Cooler Cooling + Heating IP67 · Delvalle BoxDelvalle Box
The DelValle stainless steel thermoelectric cooler cooling + heating can be supplied in various types, from 30W to 300W, with a...
Filter fans IP54-55 stainless steel PRIUS · Delvalle Box
Built-in filter fan, high performance, low power, and soundless, with a slim design, only 4 mm, and an affordable price.
Filter Fans Stainless Steel IP55 Prius · Delvalle Box
Built-in filter fan, high performance, low power, and soundless, with a slim design, only 4 mm, and an affordable price.
Filter fans IP54-55 Prius · Delvalle Box
Built-in filter fan, high performance, low power, and soundless, with a slim design, only 4 mm, and an affordable price.
Termoelectric Cooling unit IP55 Peltier · Delvalle Box
The Switch Cabinet Cooler (Thermoelectric peltier)  Delvalle offers their customers may be supplied in two different variants ...
Roof fan IP44-54 VIPER · Delvalle Box
Roof Fan, specially designed for extracting heat from the top of the cabinet, for achieving a perfect air flow in the inside.
Resistance Heaters nema UL for enclosures · Delvalle BoxDelvalle Box
Resistance Heaters UL for electrical enclosures...
Nema Enclosures types 1-3 · Delvalle BoxDelvalle Box
nema enclosures In Non-Hazardous Locations, the specific enclosure Types, their applications, and the environmental conditions...
Nema Enclosures type 3x-4x · Delvalle BoxDelvalle Box
Nema 3X, nema 3RX, nema 3SX, nema 4, nema 4X. Approved Products: Luxor, Geo, Tribeca, Titan
Nema Enclosures type 5-13 · Delvalle BoxDelvalle Box
Nema 5, Nema 6, Nema 6P, Nema 12, Nema 12K, Nema 13. Approved Products: Luxor, Geo, Tribeca, Titan, Prius


Delvalle is the first and the only European manufacturer whose big-size stainless steel nema rated enclosures and cabinets  (up to 3000mm wide, three doors) and boxes are all Nema 4X certified. Mild steel enclosures are Nema 1, 3R, 12, 4 certified. We manufacture custom cabinets UL to 3 meter. wide, 2 meter. high and 1 meter. depth.

In the process to get Nema 4x certification (the most demanding of all standards) our enclosures from the families LUXOR, TRIBECA, TITAN, and GEO have undergone the most rigorous tests. This means that our cabinets guarantee protection against dirt, rain, sleet, snow, dust carried by wind, splashing water and corrosive substances. They also prevent the external formation of ice, offering extra safety to users who interact with the enclosures.
Not only our enclosures, but also our refrigeration and air conditioning systems are UL certified. This way we offer a global solution which meets high standards and technical requirements while, at the same time securing a stable, homogenous temperature inside the enclosure.

Besides the enclosures and refrigeration systems described, other products by Delvalle also which meet UL standards: cabinets and boxes made in stainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminum; air conditioning and ventilation systems; and several accessories.

The UL standard is demanded in those sectors with the highest levels of safety and protection. Widely present in the chemical and solar energy industreis, where elements must be totally isolated from outside conditions to ensure their correct performance. 
If enclosures are to be used in America, then the UL standard becomes a strategic requirement since it is the most widely recognized certification in that most harsh and demanding continent.

New Metro Line in Guadalajara (Mexico) · Delvalle Box
The construction of line 3 of Guadalajara subway (Mexico) has began. This is one of the most...
New port of Doha · Delvalle Box
Delvalle are suppliers to the firms making this new port on Doha, capital of Qatar....
Autopista C-16 · Delvalle Box
At Delvalle we are suppliers of outdoor electrical cabinets for protecting the C-16 data...
We are the supplier of the electrical cabinets for the high speed rail line between Monforte and...
We supply stainless steel enclosures hygienic design series this factory, one of the highest north...
Wikinger, The largest Deep sea offshore windfarm · Delvalle Box
At Delvalle we have customized a solution to guarantee the sealing and maximum resistance in such a...
Nuclear Power Stations · Delvalle Box
Delvalle is very conscious to any possible risks that may have nuclear power.
A special and different port. Commercial, citizen, energy and logistical use.
Oran Tamway (Algeria) · Delvalle Box
We supplied cabinets meeting the demanding French specifications.
Ferrovial tunnel under the Marmara Sea · Delvalle Box
Delvalle built custom cabinets that passed an electromagnetic tests.
AVE Madrid-Valencia · Delvalle Box
Electrical cabinets for transmission of a multitude of data to the main data centre.
The Panama Channel Expansion Project · Delvalle Box
Manufacture and installation of watertight and hurricanes resistant IP67 nema 4x enclosures....
Kuwait desalination plant · Delvalle Box
Special cabinets to support the special characteristics of this harsh desert area.