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Pneumatic cabinets Enclosures |delvalle

Pneumatic cabinets Enclosures Custom made;  Pneumatic cabinets Enclosures for instalations.

Solar Electrical enclosures for renewables

Electrical enclosures for renewables solar Outdoor enclosure designed as a single  monobloc piece for  extreme conditions, can be used in solar, wind and other  outdoor facilities with extreme wind, rain, dust and corrosion,  stainless

Reinforced electrical cabinet

Reinforced electrical cabinet, single or double door, manufactured in stainless steel, Aisi 304 EN 1.4301, finely polished, with grade IP55 or IP66. The design, with structural reinforcements and special hinges on high resistance doors,

Pc Enclosures

Computer cabinet made to hold a computer. It is elegant and functional with a sliding tray for the keyboard and see-through door for the screen. Armario PC Special solutions: • In the lower door

Machine Control Panel

Control panel for machinery, elegant base designed for the remote control of machinery, manufactured from finely polished stainless steel, IP65 seal tight, ideal for the positioning of displays, screens, button pads, automat devices, computers,

Push-button and Junction boxes

Push-button and Junction boxes Elegant watertight boxes made wholly in finely polished Aisi 304 EN-14301 stainless steel available in plain or bored cover (22.5). Specially designed for placing push-buttons. IP65, IK10 levels of protection.

Rack Electronics cabinet

rack electronics enclosure Finely polished stainless steel cupboard in 3 sectors which is ideal for electronic components and 19″ rack. Includes transparent doors both front and back which helps component mounting. Standard models from

Stainless Steel Enclosure

stainless steel cabinets Elegant, large capacity floor free-standing cabinets manufactured in finely polished Aisi 304 EN-14301 stainless steel. Its monobloc manufacture allows protection up to IP55 with a maximum resitance of IK 10 complying