Custom Enclosures for Marine Environments (Offshore)

As a recognized leading manufacturer of custom enclosures for marine environments solutions, Delvalle offers a wide range of electrical enclosures designed for the maritime sector in ports and offshore platforms.

These enclosures provide a robust and durable solution that meets the rigorous regulations of marine environments, offering maximum protection and reliability for the electrical systems.

Custom Enclosures for Offshore Marine Environments

The product line of Delvalle includes a range of electrical boxes and enclosures for marine environments that perfectly adapt to the specific needs of ports. These enclosures are manufactured using high-quality materials that offer superior resistance to corrosion and marine agents. Moreover, they can be customized according to customer requirements, including dimensions, ventilation systems and additional features.

Delvalle stands out in the market as a direct manufacturer, which allows them to offer tailor-made solutions adapted to the needs of each project in the maritime sector. The custom enclosures for marine environments ensures a seamless integration with the existing infrastructure in ports, optimizing the performance and safety of electrical systems.

The company has numerous successful cases in the maritime sector, where their stainless steel electrical enclosures have proven to be the preferred choice due. These enclosures have provided optimal protection for electrical systems in the most demanding environments and have contributed to operational efficiency.

Investment in ports remains a priority for many countries and companies, as they are key infrastructures for international trade and economic growth. Delvalle, aware of this trend, has made a strong investment in research and development to offer electrical enclosure solutions to the specific needs of ports.