The important of cooling for electrical enclosure

The important of cooling for electrical enclosure. A Delvalle cooling unit for your electrical enclosure is much more than just an accessory. In fact, it is basically the backbone of your entire production process because trouble-free production is only guaranteed if the sensitive climate inside your electrical enclosures is maintained.

Even the slightest overheating of the electronic controller units can result in serious consequences such as long standstills, delivery problems or total breakdown. Therefore, we not only take into account the demands placed on your equipment, but on the cooling unit as well.


As an example, how large are the fluctuations in the ambient temperature? Is the control cabinet placement
in an environment where the air is full of dust or oil? Is the equipment to be cooled exposed to the weather, i.e. moisture and sunshine? How large are the designated dimensions of the required cooling units?

Once these questions have been clarifi ed completely, Pfannenberg supplies you with highly efficient air conditioning solutions that guarantee the highest degree of safety and energy efficiency.

Whereas as most of our competitors offer only ‘off the shelf’ products, Delvalle additionally offer customised solutions.

This means that units or unit combinations Delvalle are precisely tailored to your needs, i.e. neither over nor under-dimensioned and, therefore, always particularly energy-efficient. This is an aspect that is playing an ever larger part in climate control considerations.