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Enclosures for Electric Charging Stations

Oyon, Spain -In an exciting leap towards the future of sustainable mobility, Delvalle, a leader in bespoke manufacturing, is proud to introduce its latest creation: specialized enclosures for electric charging stations and car recharge

Certified Enclosures with the New IP6K9K Standard

In an exciting breakthrough in the world of electrical safety, we are pleased to announce that we have obtained certified enclosures with the new IP6K9K standard, guaranteeing exceptional protection against dust and water. This

ISO12944 Corrosion-Resistant Enclosures

With over 50 years of experience in the market, Delvalle has positioned itself as a benchmark in the manufacturing of ISO12944 corrosion-resistant enclosures. Specialized in the production of industrial enclosures with anticorrosion coating according

Delvalle Revolutionizes the International Airport Sector

At Delvalle, as a renowned manufacturer of customized electrical solutions, we play a key role in transforming international airports by offering a wide range of high-quality surface enclosures with zero maintenance costs throughout the

Custom Enclosures for Marine Environments (Offshore)

As a recognized leading manufacturer of custom enclosures for marine environments solutions, Delvalle offers a wide range of electrical enclosures designed for the maritime sector in ports and offshore platforms. These enclosures provide a

Leader in UL Nema Enclosures

Delvalle, a renowned manufacturer of custom electrical solutions, has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first European manufacturer to obtain UL Nema 4X certifications for all its large-sized enclosures and electrical boxes (up

Hygienic Enclosures for the Food Industry

As a leader in electrical enclosure solutions, Delvalle offers sloping roof hygienic enclosures for the food industry. They not only ensure maximum safety but also comply with the highest hygiene standards in sensitive environments.

Electrical Solutions for the Railway Sector

Delvalle has surprised the international railway sector with its wide range of products and services specifically designed to meet the needs of this industry. With over 50 years of extensive experience in the market,

Electrical Enclosures for Renewable Energies

Delvalle, a leader in electrical engineering solutions, has revolutionized the market in recent years with its electrical enclosures for renewable energies. These enclosures represent a significant advancement in the clean energy industry and offer

“Delvalle Achieves 100% Sustainability in Electric Enclosure Manufacturing”

Delvalle, a leading manufacturer of Industrial Enclosures, has reached a significant milestone by becoming a 100% sustainable company. Implementing a range of innovative ecological measures, Delvalle has revolutionized its business model and made a