Lighting Control Cabinets

Lighting Control Cabinets, or  Outdoor cabinet of stainless steel Aisi 304 (En 14301), robust, developed and devised for use outdoors, monobloc structure, with embedded door of 2mm, triple action vandalproof rotating handle and officially approved water repellent seal tight joint, Ce, UL.

• Our Lighting Control Cabinets, outdoor cabinet, with its design, finish and seal tightness, is specially suited to urban equipment (public lighting, auxiliary railway line services), and to reliably house the protection of electrical and electronic equipment in the railway sector, urban cabinets and telecommunications (ICT), TV, RDSI, RT, TB, TLCA.

• The monobloc design of the outdoor cabinet allows IP 65 seal tightness and IK10 maximum possible resistance. A self-ventilating overhead cover and optional base can be included. With high resistance in the embedded doors, it is designed to be fully vandalproof.

• Our Lighting Control Cabinets outdoor cabinet replaces concrete cabinets which are heavy, cumbersome and offer a lower level of seal tightness.

• With galvanised assembly plate or bakelite isolator.

• Built in line with EC regulations. Certified UL 50, Nema 4x.

• High resistance to mechanical impacts IK10, ensuring the best protection from vandalism.

• Flexibility in dimensions, colour and design.

• Automatic evacuation of condensation thanks to the exclusive design of the cabinet.

• Manufactured with injected water repellent seal, ensuring moisture can not accumulate.

• With vandalproof handle included, preventing forced openings, suitable for semi-cylinder profile door locks, access to electricity meters, gas meters, etc.

• Maintenance free throughout its useful life.
• Great mechanical properties.
• High resistance to torsion.
• Resistance to bangs with sharp objects in accordance with regulations.
• Torsion and traction (without any holes or tears) in the impact.
• High resistance to fire.
• Long useful life, in excess of 30 years.
• Special paintwork and designs to order.

• The outdoor cabinets can be positioned on concrete bases or stainless steel stands.

• Outdoor cabinet material stainless steel Inox 316 (also hot galvanised outdoor cabinet, see iron catalogue).

Special solutions in outdoor cabinets

• Base of any size to allow the cabinet to be raised from the ground, providing extra housing for cable input (recommended). In heights of 100 and 200mm.
• Stainless steel Aisi 316, EN 1.4401 (maritime areas).
• Door retainer device with stoppers.
• Attachments and anchorings for securement to the ground.
• Graffiti-proof treatment.
• EMC electromagnetic protection seal between the frame and the contact surfaces, guaranteeing a perfect electrical connection. Regulation EEC 89/336.