Switch Cabinet cooler, peltier IP67 |delvalle

The powerful thermoelectric unit in a light-weight design is the eco-friendly climate-control solution for command panels and small enclosures producing energy savings of more than 60 % compared with conventional industry systems.

Benefits: Ideal for cooling small enclosures and command panels.
Especially suitable for use on support arm systems as we

Switch Cabinet Cooler IP67 is designed for use in electrical & electronic  enclosures . Advantages: installation in any position, quick start-up by simple mains connection or interchangeability with a more powerful switch cabinet cooler of the same size. Our size 1 switch cabinet coolers are highly effective due to their high efficiency for an affordable price. All switch cabinet cooler models are equipped with overheating protection and alarm relays.

The outside of all our switch cabinet coolers  is designed in protection class IP67 as a standard.

switch cabinet cooler peltier |delvalle