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TRAFFIC Enclosures

delvalle traffic enclosures  syste m solutions for optimising the flow of traffic by road, rail
and in the air.

The monobloc design of the outdoor cabinet allows IP 65 seal tightness and IK10 maximum possible resistance. A self-ventilating overhead cover and optional base can be included. With high resistance in the embedded doors, it is designed to be fully vandalproof.
Greatly increased levels of freight and passenger rail traffic are creating
completely new challenges for transport technology and monitoring.
State-of-the-art telematics systems are helping to organise the increasing
traffic flow efficiently. Networked systems require extensive protection for
the technology installed. The many external influences such as polluted
air, damage from stones and rocks, vandalism, rainstorms, and heat have
a decisive effect on the service life of the unit.

Delvalle offers the ideal enclosure for your intelligent, networked solutions for
every location:
●For radio applications in rail or airport areas
●For signal units along the road or railway track
●For free-flow or single-lane toll collection
●For monitoring and access control systems in external applications
●For all types and sizes of monitoring station
Rittal is THE expert in outdoor packaging: The company offers enclosures,
climate control and system integration as a complete solution, providing
ideal protection for your application. The outdoor enclosures are
based on the indoor system’s tried and tested platforms, so guaranteeing
high quality and an enormous range of accessories. Delvalle offers system
integration at a high level: up to Level 4 if required. Solutions are drawn
up and implemented in cooperation with you. You can then concentrate
on the most important things, your key competence areas, and so let delvalle
do the rest.