Delvalle electrical enclosures are used by companies operating in Oil & Gas field. Our enclosures are specially exposed to extreme conditions: corrosion, vibrations, salt and chemicals products… These are some examples that they must face every day.

At Delvalle, we we know how to satisfy the needs of our customers whose activity is developed in Oil & Gas industry. We help them to achieve their strategic and quality objectives, increasing their business value.


Olmeca Refinery (Dos Bocas) · Delvalle Box
By constructing the Olmeca Refinery (formerly called Dos Bocas) and with the purpose of strengthening Mexico's independence...
Oil Wells · Delvalle Box
Through a leading energy technology company, these oil wells will be carried out to offer solutions to clients worldwide through...
Atinkou Combined-Cycle Power Plant · Delvalle Box
Côte d'Ivoire
The supply of the Atinkou combined-cycle power plant is the largest project of its kind in Ivory Coast, as well as in West Africa;...
HES Hartel Tank Terminal · Delvalle Box
The Hes Hartel Tank Terminal is developed at the Maasvalkte in the port of Rotterdam, Netherlands. The new tank terminal will be...
Offshore Oil Platform · Delvalle Box
The offshore oil fields of Dzheitune (LAM) and Dzhygalybeg (Zhdanov) are located in the easternmost part of the Caspian Sea. This...
Refinery and Petrochemical Plant of Grangemouth (Scotland) · Delvalle Box
United Kingdom
The Grangemouth Refinery and Petrochemical Plant is a complex located in the Firth of Forth in Grangemouth, Scotland. It is the...
Blue Marlin Combined Cycle · Delvalle Box
A project of this nature (combined cycle) requires knowledge and experience in power generation due to the coexistence of two...
Wellhead Control Enclosures · Delvalle Box
The Algerian state oil company Sonatrach announced the success of its oil-drilling project started in 2011 in the Hassi Bir Rekaiz...
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in the Russian Arctic · Delvalle Box
Russian Federation
The project includes the construction of three LNG trains, with a capacity of 6,6 mtpa. of LNG each, and at least 1.6 mtpa of...