Cable glands Delvalle: Solutions against condensation water

Cable glands Delvalle: Pressure, temperature and air humidity are in a constant state of change-often causing problems to electric devices. Consistently, electronic housings, sensors and other devices are affected breakdowns caused by condensation water.

Prensaestopa Delvalle

Why condensation water?

Condensation water is created despite and even more through high IP protection degrees. Among others, these provide absolute water tightness to the Enclosure Delvalle. Although they are liquid-tight, they still allow for air interchange -water vapour still can penetrate the housing.

In case of fast temperature changes like wave action or if surroundings are quickly changed and cause pressure differences between the casing´s interior and the surroundnigs, e.g. when entering a tunnel, due to low preeure in the housing damp air is absorbed from the outside. The air condenses and resulting water leads to corrosion, short circuits and breakdown.

How does water intrude into the enclosure Delvalle?

1. The stainless steel enclosure heats up during operation.

2. After shut down or at night, there may be temperature differences between the interior and exterior. This temperature difference results in low pressure which is followed by an air flow from the exterior to the interior

3. The moisture in the air condensates and leads to disruptions, like short-circuits in the enclosure.

If the air in the enclosure cools down and there is no pressure equalization, condensation will form, which can no longer escape.

The solution

With its cable gland Delvalle products, Delvalle has developed a solution, which follows nature by example. With the help of a breathable ePTFE membrane, constant pressure equalization can occur between the interior and exterior of the stainless steel enclosure. The formation of condensation is minimized.

How does venting work?

Through the usage of cable glands Delvalle, the interior pressure can adjust to the environmental pressure.

The ingress protection class of the enclosure remains completely unchanged. Cable glands Delvalle are unique, through allowing a high air flow rate whilst simultaneously providing a high IP protection.

The ePTFE-membrane used is permeable by air on both sides and water tight on one side.

Your Advantages

  • Minimized condensation and thus a reduction of operating failures and expensive repairs
  • No expensive and high maintenance ventilation systems
  • No drip holes that reduce the protection class
  • Cost savings through the omission of expensive maintenance and reinstallations