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Peltier-Cooling | Heating-Units for cabinets and enclosures

Constant temperatures due to Peltier-Cooling/Heating-Units The correct working temperature is often required for maximum reliability into the electrical enclosures and an extended lifetime for electronic devices. Demands for increased performance implicate increased sensitivity to temperature in

Polyester enclosures | Outdoor | Cabinets IP66

Polyester Enclosures | Electrical enclosures IP 66 | Outdoor enclosures New range of enclosures made reinforced polyester with 30% glass fibre which gets high resistance against impacts (9), together with its lightness in comparison

Filter Fan

Led Lights for use in electrical electronic, enclosures

Custom Cut Polycarbonate Electrical

We manufacture Polycarbonates custom made to the requirements of our customers. Polycarbonate is excellent for electrical applications, because of its high dielectric strength and high volume resistivity which decreases only slightly as temperature or

Custom Electric insulation | Epoxi glass fibre

Custom Electric insulation | Epoxi glass fibre |Rigid Laminates |Electrical enclosures |delvalle

Anti Vandal Keyboard Stainless Steel PC Ip 65| delvalle

Stainless steel waterproff keyboard with Trackball; *Faceplate dimensions:330X100 mm; *Antivandal,Waterproof,Dustproof *Actuator/keys materials: 316#(RoHS) stainless steel; *65 Customizable 316#(RoHS) stainless steel keys; *Trackball Diameter:25mm; *Switch life: more than 3 million of operations; *Compatible with Windows.

Acustic rack 19 enclosure delvalle

Light for Enclosures

The delvalle Light for enclosures was designed to fit in tight spaces in enclosures. It features an integrated receptacle, so that electrical devices (e.g. power tools) can be easily plugged in when needed. The

Hose proof hood for fan and filter units

Hose proof hood for fan and filter units