Concrete Enclosure for street lighting IP55 | Outdoor

Concrete Enclosure for street lighting IP55

Delvalle has designed a robust enclosure for street lighting and control, Made out of concrete, it has been designed to contain low voltage electric boards, public lighting control, voltage stabilizers, electronic devices for environmental analysis and pollution control, mechanical equipment, pumps, probes and others.Main characteristics of concrete enclosure for street lighting :

Galvanized steel plate inside.

Stainless steel hinges and locks.
Concrete surface painted.
Cable entry from bottom.
IK10 protection degree against external mechanical impacts. UNE-EN 50102.
IP55 protection degree against water and dust according to EN 60529 UNE 20324 standard.
Approximate weight of 830kg.
Available with one or two doors.

Other options available on request.
Approved by the most important electric companies.
IP66 electrical boxes are available to fix inside the enclosure.