delvalle Outdoor Cabinet Rack

Outdoor cabinet Rack with dual isolated sides and dual chamber, designed for electronic protection in outdoor urban environments, protecting the electronic equipment from changes of temperature.Ideal for outdoor installations involving telecommunications, telephony, computers, weather stations and any other application in which additional protection from temperature changes is necessary.

Thermally isolated dual chamber weatherproof cabinet fitted with water repellent seal, officially approved for use in outside doors, providing seal tightness and stable interior temperature, ideal for use in areas with extreme temperatures or hostile weather conditions.

The thermally isolated switchboard is manufactured from stainless steel Aisi 304 (EN 14301), with polyester paint surface finish.

The isolated weatherproof cabinet is fitted with a vandalproof handle made from highly resistant material, offering protection from vandalism and forced openings with crowbars. The switchboard has an interior design which allows the simple positioning of racks, assembly plates or separators. Delvalle can adapt this design to the measurements required by customers, conserving the fundamental thermal isolation, seal tightness and safety aspects.

Special solutions in thermally isolated outdoor enclosure rack cabinets

• Base of any size to lift the cabinet from the floor and provide extra housing for cable inputs (Recommended). Available in heights of 100 and 200 mm.
• Stainless steel Aisi 316, EN 1.4401. (Maritime areas)
• Door retainer device with stoppers.
• Attachments and anchorings to secure to the ground.
• Graffiti-proof treatment.
• EMC electromagnetic protection seal between the frame and contact surfaces. Guaranteeing a perfect electrical connection. Standard EEC 89/336