Our outdoor enclosures are ideal for use as part of urban furniture.
They are specially designed against vandalism, are guaranteed against corrosion, fulfil new regulations and have an elegant design. 

We can make internal separations. These are the ideal substitute for concrete enclosures.

The openings in the doors can be used for the positioning of key locks for electricity or gas companies.

PRODUCTS FOR Urban Equipment

Tel-Aviv Light Rail · Delvalle Box
The red line will connect two cities in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area, Petah Tikva and Bat Yarn; the line is 24 kilometres long...
Amazon Data Centre · Delvalle Box
Amazon is well known as a global commercial operator that has revolutionised the way e-commerce behaves. With an exceptional...
The most part of our electrical enclosures are located in a certain place and they are rarely transported. However, the french...
Barcelona-Cadí Tunnel · Delvalle Box
The reality of new urban areas: driverless taxis, connected bicycles and smart streets. The digital revolution has reached the...
National Stadium · Delvalle Box
Luxembourg's national stadium, which will host football and rugby matches, is now in its final phase of construction....
Football Grounds La Liga · Delvalle Box
Football is a highly passionate and entertaining spectacle, as well as being big business....
Eglinton Crosstown · Delvalle Box
The Eglinton Crosstown is a light rail transit line that will run along Eglinton Avenue between Mount Dennis (Weston Road) and...
Montreal Metro · Delvalle Box
Montreal metro is renowned for its architecture and art. A different architect has designed each station and several of these...
High-Speed Moving Walkway at Toronto Airport · Delvalle Box
The new high-speed moving walkway has been installed at Toronto Airport, in Canada. It is called TurboTrack, a moving walk that...
Enclosures for Charging Station for Electric Vehicles · Delvalle Box
Stainless steel Enclosures Designed to be installed in Charging Station for Electric Vehicles, both public access environments...
Desalination Plant · Delvalle Box
Special cabinets to support the special characteristics of this harsh desert area....