Stainless Steel Enclosures UL

Delvalle have Stainless Steel Enclosures UL. We have of all type Stainless Steel Enclosures UL, as Luxor, Tribeca, Titan, Geo with UL NEMA 4x, of electrical components and climate control for enclosures UL.

Mark UL is The mark most familiar in the U.S., the UL Listed Mark is issued by Underwriters Laboratories. It signifies that a product has been tested by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) and met the requirements of widely accepted product safety standards. For more information, visit

UL Listed products are also manufactured under the UL Follow-Up Services program, which means UL will periodically retest random samples from a manufacturer’s inventory to ensure that the product continues to comply with standards and perform within accepted levels of operation.

UL Recognized Mark

Products bearing this mark are generally components of a product that will later be tested as a whole to obtain a UL Listed Mark. Using UL Recognized components does not ensure an automatic UL listing, however. The complete final product must be tested as a unit. To learn more, visit

UL series applications

The UL standard is demanded in those sectors with the highest levels of safety and protection. Widely present in the chemical and solar energy industreis, where elements must be totally isolated from outside conditions to ensure their correct performance.

If Stainless Steel enclosures UL are to be used in America, then the UL standard becomes a strategic requirement since it is the most widely recognized certification in that most harsh and demanding continent.

Armarios de acero inoxidable UL