Thermal and Electrical Insulation TermoTisa for Electrical Cabinets

termotisadelvalle2In Delvalle we know our customers concerns to avoid cabinets overheating from external sources, such as the sun, heat, extreme heat locations…
Delvalle R&D deparment has specially designed the insulating TermoTisa, in 15mm polyurethane with a coated porous braided polyestar support sheet, to be installed on the cabinet walls and so ensure a thermal insulation of 0.018 W (m-K).
Given these properties we assure a perfect insulation between the outside and the inside of the cabinet.
With the TermoTisa system energy can be saved given the high insulation factor of the material.
The material is resistant to liquids; doesn´t peel off, is self extinguishing and insulates the electrical current.
The TermoTisa insulator has been designed by Delvalle following more than two years of material research to find the safest and best performing thermal and electrical insulation in the application of electrical cabinets.

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