The high speed train line between Monforte del Cid and Murcia is already 95% finished forming part of the Mediterranean corridor: 331.9 million euro investment // Total length 61.7 Kms // Five tunnels 6 Kms long.

This high speed train project to Murcia is 95% complete and as well as the line electrification and high security buildings are being done 61.7 Kms long (46.2 in Alicante & 15.5 in Murcia) and when finished will connect Elche, La Vega Baja and Murcia with the rest of the high speed network.

The line has 5 tunnels, 6 Kms long which is 9.6% of the total length as well as making major improvements in the stations at we are the supplier of the electrical cabinets for the high speed rail line between Monforte and Murcia as previously we have done so for other sections line Madrid – Valencia.

To work properly all sections of the rail trach need to send data constantly to the central control. Here at Delvalle we specializing in cabinets to protect HIM data transmission as well signaling and line changer.

As well as the high resistance level needed for outdoor cabinets there is an innovative temperature control mechanism and all the cabinets meet the stringent safety requirements demanded by Adif.

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